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Thursday, 21 July 2016

General Science Quiz for IBPS PO and SSC CGL Exam

General Science / Everyday Science Important Questions-Answers for various exams.

Dear RpscGuru expert readers Good news, We are here with Every Day Science (Study Notes-Experiments) for every Competitive Exams. You know that Every Day science is most important part for every competitive examination like RRB NTPC ExamSSC ExamsLIC AAOSBI POSBI Clerk Exams as well as IBPS PO and Clerical exams etc. So, After a series Static General Knowledge (GK) , General Awareness and Current Affairs 2016 with Daily Current Affairs Quiz, Daily GK Quiz, News and Analysis for UPSC ,IAS, IBPS. MM team always presents GK Questions and Answers on Everyday Science for your upcoming exams free study notes series. You prepare both General Science and Scientific facts MCQs in GK section.
General Science part is so easy and interesting parts in competitive examination. Their are asked everyday use science GK and almost useful in our working environment.
General Science Question Questions for SSC, IBPS, SBI, UPSC and almost PSC Exams.
General Science / Everyday Science Important Questions-Answers for various exams.

Important GS (General Science) Questions with Answer

1. The flowering plants are collectively called?
Answer: Angiosperms
2. The reproductive units in Angiosperms is called?
Answer: Flower
3. The male reproductive organ of the flower?
Answer: Androecium
4. The female reproductive organ of a flower?
Answer: Gynoecium
5. Study of flowers?
Answer: Anthology
6. Fruits developed from the parts of the flower other than a card?
Answer: False fruits (Cashew)
7. Smallest pollen?
Answer: Myosotis
8. Largest pollen?
Answer: Mirabilis
9. Father of angiosperm embryology in India?
Answer: P. Maheswari
10. Pollination by the agency of water?
Answer: Hydrophily
11. Pollination by the agency of animals?
Answer: Zoophily

12. Pollination by the agency of birds?
Answer: Ornithophily
13. Pollination by the agency of bats?
Answer: Chiropterophily
14. After fertilization ovule developed into?
Answer: Seed
15. After fertilization ovary wall developed into?
Answer: Fruit wall
16. After fertilization ovary developed into?
Answer: Fruit
17. Final product of sexual reproduction in angiosperms?
Answer: Seed
18. Study of fruits is called?
Answer: Pomology

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