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Most Asked Questions in SSC CGL Exam

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GK Asked Questions PDF
Most Asked Questions in SSC CGL Exam

GK Asked Questions in SSC CGL Exam (SAT 1)

  1. Which is the highest civil honour conferred in India? — Bharat Ratna.
  2. Who composed the National Anthem of India? — Rabindra Nath Tagore
  3. India’s first nuclear research reactor is ______. — Apsara.
  4. Jnanpeeth Award is given annually for — Outstanding contribution to creative
  5. Indian Literature.
  6. The two highest gallantry awards conferred in India are — Param Vir Chakra and Maha Vir Chakra.
  7. The first, atomic power station of India is located at — Tarapur.
  8. India’s first earth satellite station is located at — Arvi, near Pune.
  9. After Hindi, which Indian language is spoken by the largest number of
  10. people? — Telugu.
  11. Which country assisted India in the launching of her first satellite ‘Aryabhatta’? — U.S.S.R. (now defunct).
  12. Nehru Literacy Award was instituted by — The Indian Adult Education Association.
  13. In which year were the first Asian Games held? Where? — New Delhi in 1950.
  14. Who designed the city of Chandigarh? — Le Corbusier.
  15. Who was the World’s first woman Prime Minister? — Smt. Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka.
  16. Who gave the slogan ‘Delhi Chalo’? — Subhash Chandra Bose.
  17. Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’? — Lal Bahadur Shastri
  18. What do the letters H, B & J stand for, in ‘HBJ Pipeline’? H stands for Hazira (Gujarat), B for Bijaipur (Madhya Pradesh) and J for Jagdishpur, (Uttar Pradesh).
  19. Name the Indian Army officer who had earned the sobriquet ‘Sparrow’. — Maj. Gen. Rajinder Singh.
  20. Which is the smallest District in the Indian Union? — Mahe in Pondicherry Union Territory. (9 skm.)
  21. Name the U.S. President who was the first to hold office for more than two terms. — F.D. Roosevelt (1933-45). (The term of office is four years).
  22. Who was the British Prime Minister whose Government granted independence
  23. to India? — C.R. Attlee (1945-51)
  24. Zimbabwe was formerly known as? — Southern Rhodesia.
  25. The Parliament of Netherlands is known as? — The States-General.
  26. Which is the present headquarters of INTERPOL? — Lyons. (Paris was the HQ till May 1986).

 GK Asked Questions in SSC CGL Exam (SAT 2)

  1. Which territory has earned the sobriquet “Never Never Land”? — Prairies of North Australia.
  2. Identify the three countries that constitute the “Golden Triangle”. — Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  3. Which is the seat of the World Court? — The Hague (Netherlands).
  4. Name the three Asian countries that have been branded as the “Golden Crescent” of drug trafficking. — Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.
  5. Who played the role of Patel in Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi? — Saeed Jaffrey.
  6. Who was the first Indian to receive an Oscar Award? — Bhanu Athaiah, Costumes Designer for Attenborough’s Gandhi.
  7. What is common to Sardar Patel, Morarji Desai, Charan Singh and YB. Chavan? — All of them had served as Deputy Prime Ministers in free India.
  8. 6-6-66 was a significant date in the history of the Indian Rupee. How? — The Rupee was devalued on that date. (The first devaluation came in 1949).
  9. The Ozone layer absorbs, and prevents certain rays of the sun from reaching the earth. If these rays are not absorbed life on earth will be destroyed. Name the rays. — Ultraviolet Rays.
  10. Briefly outline the selection process of the U.N. Secretary-General. — He is elected by the General Assembly, on the recommendation of the Security Council.
  11. The world’s largest river island (bound by the Brahmaputra to the south and the Subansiri and Kherketia in the north) lies in Assam. Its name? — Majuli: (For the people of Majuli, the mighty Brahmaputra is both a river of sorrow and hope. Each monsoon, the floods carry away huge chunks of earth, scarring the landscape; yet, once the waters recede, people gather at the banks to pray to the river, also their life-giver. It is an annual cycle. Jorhat Town in Upper Assam is the nearest link in the mainland).
  12. What is Athlete’s foot! — Athlete’s foot is a type of ringworm in which cracks appear in the skin between the toes.
  13. What is arachnophobia? — Fear of Spiders.
  14. Southern Rhodesia is now known as? — Zimbabwe.
  15. A prolific English writer, alert and active, an Indian citizen but, for some years now, a resident of London, will be completing 101 years this year. Guess who? — Nirad C. Chaudhuri
  16. It was once called the Congo River. What is it called today? — River Zaire.
  17. Who was the philosopher from Athens (who lived before Christ) who wrote the ‘Republic’? — Plato (427-347 B.C). (A philosopher and educator of ancient

 GK Asked Questions in SSC CGL Exam (SAT 3)

    1. Which is the third most important financial centre in Asia after Hong Kong and Tokyo? — Singapore.
    2. What is phobophobia? — Fear of fear.
    3. Which newspaper used the word ‘Hijack’ for the first time to describe the taking over of an aircraft in February 1958? — The New York Times.
    4. In which text did Kapila propound a theory that all matter derives from a pure, primordial matrix of energy, Prakriti? — The Sankhya Sutra.
    5. Australasia refers to? — Australasia refers to Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and other nearby islands.
    6. To win the Swathing Cup, what game/sport would you need to play? — Table Tennis.
    7. Both wife and daughter of this famous nuclear physicist, seminal to Indian nuclear programme, are eminent classical dancers. Name him. — Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.
    8. What is a ‘Consortium Bank’? — A Bank, whose shareholders are other banks.
    9. This book, now rated to be the greatest novel of this century, created a furore on publication for its ‘obscene content’ and was banned in a number of European countries. Name the book and its author. — James Joyce’s Ulysses.
    10. Name the first Asian to head the prestigious Trinity College at Cambridge University. — Amartya Sen, eminent Indian economist.
    11. What is an Archipelago? — A broad expanse of sea containing many islands.
    12. Each mythology had a goddess of love. The Romans called her Venus. The Greeks called her? — Aphrodite.
    13. The two brothers - Indians - are famous virtuoso's and as violinists composers have teamed up with greats like Stephane Grappelli to Frank Zappa. Name them. — L. Subramaniam and L. Shankar.
    14. What is a Zoophyte? — A zoophyte is an animal which resembles a plant eg a sponge.
    15. The first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal — Karnam Malleswari
    16. The longest-serving Chief Minister in India — Jyoti Basu
    17. A former woman Chief Minister in India who was a novelist too — Nandini Satpati
    18. Who became Indian Prime Minister at the age of 81? — Morarji Desai
    19. The first film director to win a Film fare Award — Bimal Roy
    20. The first Indian to receive the Magsaysay Award — Vinoba Bhave
    21. Where was India’s first steel plant set up? — Jamshedpur
    22. The pop music artist known for “Like a Virgin” and “Material Girl”. — Maradonna

     GK Asked Questions in SSC CGL Exam (SAT 4)

    1. The oldest man to win the 100 meters Olympic Gold  —  Linford Christie
    2. In what capacity did Vasco de Gama come to India in 1524? Portuguese Viceroy of India
    3. The writer who introduced the fictional village Macondo in his works — Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    4. What volcanic island emerged off Iceland in 1963? Surtsey
    5. What is Union Jack? — The national flag of UK
    6. What does PBX stand for? — Private Branch Exchange
    7. One of the following was not a British PM. Spot the odd man: Neville Chamberlain, Clement Attlee, Harold Macmillan, and Harry Truman— Harry Truman
    8. Who directed Ben-Hur? — William Wyler
    9. Whose autobiography “Magic” was published when he was 24? — Magic Johnson, basketball player
    10. The most-filmed play by Shakespeare? Hamlet
    11. The film which had the song “Que Sera, Sera’ in it? — The Man Who Knew Too   Much
    12. Who sang “Candle in the Wind”? — Elton John
    13. The Nobel Prize winner who discovered the organism that causes cholera — Robert Koch
    14. In “x-rays”, what did “x” mean? — ‘ unknown’.
    15. Who coined the term ‘horsepower’? — James Watt
    16. What led to a method of finding out about the motion and shape of molecules known as Raman spectroscopy? — Raman effect
    17. Who appointed Hitler Chancellor in Germany in   1933? — President Hindenburg
    18. How many years did Nehru spend in jails? Ten
    19. The leader of Kenya who was born Kamau Ngengi?  — Jomo Kenyatta
    20. The English film actor and director who spent 20 years in self-imposed exile in Switzerland — Charlie Chaplin
    21. Ho Chi Minh was born in Vietnam when it was part of the French colony of: Indochina
    22. The name the Yugoslav leader Josip Broz adopted? Tito
    23. The year Nobel Prizes were first    awarded in 1901
    24. A party or outing for women — Hen party
    25. What is common to these films: Shakespeare in Love, Titanic, The English Patient, Braveheart? —  Oscar best  film award winners
    26. Spot the person who didn’t win the Nobel Prize: Mother Teresa, Henry Kissinger, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Martin Luther King Jr. —  Mahatma Gandhi
    27. He has been called the father of modern journalism, but he is more famous for his novels. Who is he? — Daniel Defoe

     GK Asked Questions in SSC CGL Exam (SAT 5)

      1. Members of the British political party Peelite were conservative supporters of Sir.... — Robert Peel
      2. Prime Minister’s Shram Awards are Shram Ratna, Shram Bhushan, and Shram Shri/Devi — Shram Vir
      3. Raj Kapoor’s immortal film of 1951? Awara
      4. Name two American Presidents who had the first name George —  George Washington  and George Bush
      5. Oscar awards are awarded  in  how  many different categories? — 24
      6. The year  London  was  destroyed by  the Great Fire 1666
      7. To which political party does Tony  Blair, the British PM, belong? — Labour
      8. The election is held in November, President takes office the following January. Where? — In USA
      9. Ever since 1301, it has been customary for the eldest son and heir of the British monarch to  be invested as —  Prince of Wales
      10. Choose the correct answer: Margaret Thatcher was the first/second/ third woman  PM of Britain. — First
      11. The  year  USA became  independent from Britain — 1783
      12. Spot  the Republican:  Bill  Clinton,  Ronald Reagan,  Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy —  Ronald Reagan
      13. What is common to these people: John Cabot, Pedro Alvarez Cabral, and Rodrigo de Bastidas? — Explorers
      14. World’s  first credit card? —  Diners  Club Card
      15. Which comes  first, Good  Friday  or Easter? —  Good Friday
      16. Janamashtami  is  the birthday of —  Lord Krishna
      17. Prophet Muhammad set out from Mecca to Medina in the year A.D. ........ — 622
      18. Of  which religion  is the Star of  David  the symbol? — Judaism
      19. The Zodiac sign that comes    after Capricorn? — Aquarius
      20. What is C-DOT? —  Centre  for  Development of Telematics
      21. Where  is Louvre Museum? —  In Paris (France)
      22. The first woman  to reach  the top of   the Everest — Junko Tabei
      23. How many Oscars  did Gigi,  The Last  Emperor,  and  The English  Patient w i n ? —  Nine each
      24. What is  the expansion  of MGM, the Hollywood studio? —  Metro Goldwyn Mayer
      25. Chief Ministers of which States participated in the Cauvery Accord of 1998? — Karnataka, Tamil  Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry
      26. Who freed Scotland from English rule? — Robert Bruce
      27. The Scottish poet and novelist who settled in Samoa in 1888 hoping to find a cure for his tuberculosis? — RL Stevenson
      28. The Dutch painter who created more than 800 paintings but sold only one in his lifetime: — Vincent Van Gogh 

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