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Recruitment Advertisement
Date Recruitment Advertisement
12-01-2015 Advt.7/2014-15 for the Post of College Lecturer (College Education Dept.)
22-12-2014 Post wise Detail of vacancies of RAS Exam 2012 
16-12-2014 Corrigendum No.13/2014-15 for JLO and Lecturer (Tech. Edu. Dept.)
02-12-2014 Corrigendum 12/14-15 Regarding Advt.1/2014-15 for Various posts of Medical Deptt.
01-12-2014 Advertisement No 6/Exam/14-15 for the Posts of ACP (Dy.Director) and Vidhi Rachnakar Exam-2014
01-12-2014 Corrigendum No.11/14-15 Posts Bifurcation Details for LDC Exam-2013
27-11-2014 Advertisement No. 05/R/14-15 for the Posts of Ground Water Department and Ayurved Department
31-10-2014 Corrigendum. for Jr.Acctt/ T.R.A. Exam 2013
15-09-2014 Application Form for the Post of OSD ( Academic) Last Date:-15-10-2014
03-09-2014 Corrigendum no. 9/2014-15 Regarding Advt no. 9/Rec/2013-14 Dated 26.02.2014
02-09-2014 Corrigendum8/2014-15 Regarding PTI Grade II & III Comp. Exam 2013
31-07-2014 Advt.4(R)14-15 for Dy.Commandent, Astt.Drilling Engineer, Junior Geophysicist, Fisheries Development Officer
31-07-2014 Corri.7 for (Advt.1_2014-15) Sr.Demonstrator-BioChemistry and (Advt.1_2013-14) for Veterinary Officer
22-07-2014 Advt.2 for Agri. Research Off. and Asst.Agri.Research Off.
22-07-2014 Advt.3 for Lecturer Technical Education (Tech.Edu.Deptt.)
14-07-2014 Advt.1_14-15 for Post Asst.Prof., Sr.Demonstrator & Biochemist (Medical Deptt.)
08-07-2014 Corrigendum for Advt.No.1_13-14 Asstt.Jailor Exam
12-06-2014 Corrigendum for Advertisement 4-11-1 _Agriculture Res. Officer and Assistant Agriculture Res. Officer
03-06-2014 Corrigendem Regarding RAS/RTS Posts Bifurcation
26-02-2014 Advertisement for Professor and Associate Professor Post
26-02-2014 Corrigendum for Advt.E1_13-14  for  the post of Programmer
11-02-2014 Corrigendum regarding to change in qualification for post of vice principal/superintendent I.T.I
03-02-2014 Post wise Detail of vacancies of RAS Exam 2012  
31-01-2014 Corrigendum Regarding to AEn 2012-13  
23-10-2013 Advertisement for SET Exam-2013  
08-10-2013 Corrigendum for School Lecturer (School Edu. Dept.)-2013  
01-10-2013 Detailed Corrigendum for LDC Exam-2013  
30-09-2013 Corrigendum for LDC Exam-2013  
24-09-2013 Corrigendum for I Grade School Lecturer & II Grade Teacher Combined Exam-2013 
20-09-2013 Advertisement for JLO - Jr.Accountant – TRA - PTI Grade II & III Exam-2013
19-09-2013 Short Advertisement For JLO, PTI Grade II & III and Jr. Acctt  
30-08-2013 Corrigendum for R.A.S./A.C.F./Clerk Gr.II Exam-2013 and AEn.Exam 2012 
07-08-2013 Corrigendum for Sr.Teacher exam 2013, Teacher Grade II exam 2013 and
Postponment of Advt. for A.P.P. Exam. 2013
06-08-2013 Advertisement of E7 for Motor Vehicle Sub Inspector Exam 2013
05-08-2013 Advertisement of Assistant Public Prosecutor Gr.-II
05-08-2013 Detailed Advertisement of II Grade Teacher (Secondary School)
05-08-2013 Detailed Advertisement of I Grade Teacher
02-08-2013 I & II Grade Teacher Combined Advertisement 
30-07-2013 Corrigendum 4/13-14 for Agri. Research off. /Asstt. Agri. Reseach Off. / Asst. Fisheries Dev.Off. / Divi.Suptdt. & Statistical Officer
26-07-2013 Advertisement for the LDC Grade-II Comb.Comp. Exam 2013
24-06-2013 Corrigendum Regarding to Recruitment Advertisement for RAS -2013
21-06-2013 Corrigendum for PTI Grade II Exam-2011
18-06-2013 Advt. for the RAS Exam 2013
03-05-2013 Advt. for the Post of Vetenary Officer & Geologist 2013 
02-05-2013 Advt. for the Post of Programmer and Assistant Jailer-2013 
26-04-2013 Corrigendum for the Post of Statistical Officer 
12-04-2013 Corrigendum for A.En. Exam 2011 
25-03-2013 Corrigendum for the Post of Junior Chemist (PHED Deptt.) 
07-03-2013 Advertisement for Assistant Engineer (Civil//Electrical/Mechanical) Exam, 2013 
22-01-2013 Corrigendum for Various posts of Advt 2 12-13 and 3 12-13 for Medical Education Department 
09-01-2013 Corrigendum for Assistant Director Sanskrit Education Department 
06-12-2012 Corrigendum for Assistant Town Planner 
29-10-2012 Advt.R3 for Asst.Professors & Corrigendum for A.P.(Tuberculosis) & College Lecturer (ABST)
26-10-2012 Corrigendum for PTI Grade II & III 
08-10-2012 Corrigendum for PTI gd II & III 
05-09-2012 Corrigendum for Analyst-Cum-Programmer exam 2011 
09-08-2012 Advt. for Asst. Prof. (Tuerculosis & Psychetary) Med. Deptt. 
08-08-2012 Corrigendum for Assistant Director (Sanskrit Edu. Dept) 
12-07-2012 Corrigendum for Various posts of Advt 2 11-12 for Medical Department 
12-07-2012 Suddhi Patra - APRO & PRO post  
04-07-2012 Corrigendum for R.12 11-12 for Statistical Officer 
19-06-2012 Corrigendum for Evaluation Officer Advt.R1/12_13
08-06-2012 Corrigendum for 2/12 13 for S.D. (Dentist) , Microbiology , A.P. (Ortho.)
05-06-2012 Corrigendum for Astt. Professor (Radio Therapy)
05-06-2012 Advt. R1 for Astt. Director, Group Instructor, Suprintendent ITI, Evaluation Officer Exam - 2012
01-06-2012 Advt.S1 for Raj.State Eligibility Test exam 2012
27-04-2012 Corrigendum-2 for MVSI Exam 2011
11-04-2012 Corrigendum of Advt. 8-11-12 of Motor Vehicle Sub. Inspector
03-04-2012 Corrigendum for Asstt. Prof. (Psychetry)
27-03-2012 Corrigendum for Assist. Prof. Microbiology and Assist. Prof. Urology of Changing of Interview Date
19-03-2012 Corrigendum for Probation & Prison Welfare Officer and District Probation Cum Social Welfare Officer
19-03-2012 Corrigendum for the post of Agriculture Officer, Agriculture Department
09-03-2012 Corrigendum for RAS Exam - 2012
28-02-2012 Corrigendum for R.A.S. Exam 2011
27-02-2012 Corrigendum of Statical Officer
24-02-2012 Corrigendum for Sr.Teacher II Grade Exam
17-02-2012 Advt. E12 Headmaster (Sec.Edu.) Comp.Exam-2012
07-02-2012 Adv. for RAS & RTS Comb.Comp.Exam 2012
25-01-2012 Corrigendum of SI And SI-Exserviceman Revised Post
23-01-2012 Advt. R12 for PRO , APRO , ARCHIVIST , RO , Div.Supdt. & Stat.Officer
15-12-2011 Advt. E9 for P.T.I. FOR II & III GRADE EXAM-2011
21-12-2011 ADVT. E10 FOR Analyst Cum Programmer & Programmer exam 2011
19-12-2011 Corrigendum for ACP & Programmer
19-12-2011 Corrigendum for Zila Pariviksha Co-samaj Kalyan Adhikari
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